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Monday, 12 November 2012

Here is the latest freebie kit form Krystal and Sandie. It is a steampunk themed Christmas kit, a little outside my normal comfort zone but Krystal really wanted to push me :)
Hope you like it


Karen Lewis said...

A lovely kit - well done the both of you. :-)

pannem said...

Hi Krystal, downloaded new steampunk kit, fabulous. My sister told me she had downloaded a kit called Winter's kiss that she liked and she sent me the link ... when i downloaded it and saw the wolves and the name Krystal on it I just knew it was you .. you are so clever and have moved on bigtime creating your own kits. Hope you are ok it's good to know that you are still scrapping . .so many new names on here now good to see the familiar faces though xxx Annie